Technical Details

Technical Details - Crystals, Oscillators and Filters

This page details technical information available on this website. Subjects covered are:-

  • crystal and oscillator theory,
  • brief notes on the derivation of crystal part numbers and
  • an explanation of crystal and oscillator terms.

Additionally, an extensive application notes section is available.


Further explanation of contents is given below.


Technical Notes


If you are an engineer working mostly within digital techniques these notes may help with analogue theory relating to crystals and oscillator design. The subject is treated non-mathematically. Among the subjects covered are:

  • Determination of an oscillator circuit as series or parallel resonant.
  • Crystal Equivalent Circuit
  • Network Transformations
  • Crystal Calibration
  • Crystal Impedance Meter
  • Oscillator Theory (conditions for oscillation, phase-shift etc.)
  • Gain and drive-level
  • Basic oscillator circuits with component values for frequencies <150MHz
  • Designing CMOS and TTL circuits
  • Approximate formulae


Application Notes


The application notes .PDF file contains several practical circuits and examples including:

  • IC compatible oscillators
  • Low-noise crystal oscillators
  • Schmitt-Trigger oscillators
  • Overtone oscillators
  • Easy start-up oscillators
  • Temperature-compensated crystal oscillators
  • Voltage-controlled crystal oscillators

Crystal Specification


This is a page containing basic information on crystal parameters, including an explanation of the method used to determine a crystal specification.


Oscillator Specification


A page containing basic technical information relating to packaged oscillators.


Specification of Filters


A basic explanation of filter technical terms. 

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