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Established 1973

Mercury’s ‘HM’ range of low-EMI oscillators are an efficient solution to EMI problems in electronic systems. An improvement of more than 12 dBc EMI emission can be achieved, an ideal solution for products which fail the emission testing. The oscillator may simply be ‘dropped in’ in place of a standard oscillator providing an instant solution without the need for an expensive redesign.

Welcome to the European web site of Mercury Electronic Industrial Company of Taiwan!

Since the inception of Mercury in 1973, the oldest quartz crystal manufacturer in Taiwan, Mercury has developed an enviable reputation for innovation and quality products.

Mercury produce a broad range of frequency control-related products, including crystals, filters , clock oscillators, LVDS / LVPECL oscillators, low EMI oscillators, VCXO’s, TCXO’s and OCXO’s.

Low-EMI Oscillators

Mercury’s answer to EMI problems

The new addition to our low EMI range of clock oscillators pioneered in Taiwan is the smaller footprint  5x3mm, 3HM53R version. The oscillators are extensively used in aircraft seatback audio systems and medical equipment where EMI approval testing is an essential part of the qualification process.

For more information see Low-EMI Oscillators page.

Automotive Industry Approval

Download complete certificate here.